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We welcome everyone to be a member or attend meetings. All League activities promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Our Mission

Education and Advocacy

We never support or oppose any political party or candidate.
Remaining Nonpartisan in Hyper-partisan Times | League of Women Voters (
We educate ourselves and our community about major public policy issues and candidates.
Impact On Issues 2022 – 2024 | League of Women Voters (
The League is fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion - in principle and in practice - as central to the League's current and future success in engaging all people, organizations, and policy makers in creating a more perfect democracy.

LWVJC Information

"Kiss the Ground" photo album, click here

Are you Eco Friendly? Click here

National Voter Registration Day, 9/19/2023
Register to vote at 10 am to NOON or 4pm to 6pm at
  • Clark-Pleasant, 350 Clearwater Blvd, Whiteland
  • Franklin, 401 State St, Franklin
  • Trafalgar, 424 S Tower St, Trafalgar
  • White River, 1664 Library Blvd, Greenwood
  • Greenwood Public Library, 310 S Meridian St

All Aboard Community Volunteer Fair, 9/20/2023, 4:30 to 6:30pm.
Nonprofit Johnson County organizations will connect with community members looking for a place to give back.

The League of Women Voters of Johnson County celebrated Anniversary #1 on June 8thWe are educating ourselves and our community about voting, candidates, and issues. We are tapping the abundant resources available through League of Women Voters (, League of Women Voters of Indiana (, and community organizations.

We learned many things during our first year. The most valuable learning is It takes a village! We are thankful for support from the LWVJC members, LWVIN, and Johnson County organizations.

UPDATES: League of Women Voters of Johnson County, Indiana


U.S. Supreme Court removes more protections for Indiana wetlands (

November 2023 Municipal Elections - Johnson County

Elections & Voter Information

Visit VOTE411 or to:

Register to vote (online)

Print a voter registration form

Verify your voter registration

Request an absentee ballot

What are the residency requirements for Indiana? -

Registry and Voting Requirements for College Students


Johnson County Municipal Ballot
7 Contested Races
Bargersville Town Council At-Large
Edinburgh Town Council At-Large
Greenwood City Council At-Large
Greenwood City Council District #3
Greenwood City Council District #4
Prince's Lakes Town Council At-Large
Whiteland Town Council At-Large

Election 2023 Uncontested races will be on Johnson County Municipal ballots here

Voters who live in unincorporated Johnson County will NOT HAVE A BALLOT.

9/12/2023. Greenwood Comprehensive Plan update, 4:30-7:30pm at Greenwood Public Library, 310 S. Meridian Street

Protecting the National Voter Registration Act | League of Women Voters (


This is the 30th anniversary of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

The landmark law made voter registration more accessible.

The League was instrumental in passing the NVRA.

Pending Legislation:


September Action:

Urge Congress to Address the Climate Crisis and Protect Our Youth | League of Women Voters (

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS): Citizens Action Coalition ( Communities in Vigo and Vermillion counties are rightfully concerned about the risks this project poses to public health, property rights, and air and water quality. CCS in Indiana: Wabash Valley Resources | Citizens Action Coalition (



Voting Rights Advancement Act

Take Action: Tell your United States Senators to Support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

We must continue to ensure that voting rights are protected. Here is more information on the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act - H.R.4 - 117th Congress (2021-2022).



H.R. 4563, the American Confidence in Elections (ACE), proposes substantial changes to federal election administration and campaign finance law. The Committee on House Administration (CHA) ordered the bill to be reported, as amended, on July 13, 2023

IF12451 (

ACE - Details for H.R. 4563: American Confidence in Elections Act -


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

SAVE THE DATE (League of Women Voters of Indiana)


More photos here


We encourage informed and active participation in all levels of government.
Our Legislators make decisions that affect our daily life and the direction of our county, state, and nation.


Make your voice heard.

LWV makes it easy!
Click on the links to contact your U.S. Legislators



Johnson County

November 2023-Municipal Election - Johnson County Candidates

IMPORTANT ELECTION DATES from the 2023 Indiana Election Calendar

October 10    Voter Registration Deadline

October 11    In-Person Early Voting Begins

October 26    Absentee-By Mail ballot request deadline

November 7   Election Day – Polls are open 6 am – 6 pm

Johnson County is in 4 state Senate Districts:

SD 32 - Aaron Freeman [R]

SD 36 - Jack Sandlin [R]

SD 37 - Rodric Bray [R]

SD 41 - Greg Walker [R]

Johnson County is in 4 state House Districts:

HD 47 - Robb Greene [R]

HD 57 - Craig Haggard [R]

HD 58 - Michelle Davis [R]

HD 60 - Peggy Mayfield [R]




View a video about Carbon Capture:



Here’s an opportunity to talk with legislators about issues that impact Hoosiers. The Interim Study Committees of the Indiana General Assembly will discuss 42 topics to help legislators understand issues they might address in the 2024 session. Summer study topics announced ahead of the 2024 session | Politics |

Click here to see the committee lists: 2023 Interim Study Committee Assignments.pdf and 2023 Senate Appointments to Interim Study Committees.pdf 

Elections & Voter Information

Visit the Indiana state website to:

Register to vote (online)

Print a voter registration form

Verify your voter registration

Request an absentee ballot

Find your county election board and voter registration office

What are the residency requirements for Indiana? -

Registry and Voting Requirements for College Students


Reliable Indiana news sources about candidates, legislations and issues:

Indiana General Assembly offers daily coverage of the Indiana Statehouse. The free Indiana news site is powered by the students of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism.

The Indiana Capital Chronicle is an independent, nonprofit news organization dedicated to giving Hoosiers a comprehensive look inside state government, policy and elections.

The Daily Journal - News from Franklin, Greenwood and across Johnson County, Indiana. DailyJournal editors and reporters have been honored for outstanding design, investigative reporting and opinion page writing.

Join Us!

We welcome everyone to be a member or attend meetings. All League activities promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Join Us

View a video introduction to LWV and LWVJC (5:31)

Why join the LWV?

  • Problem solve with diverse individuals who are committed to democracy and have unique experiences and knowledge.
  • Increase personal knowledge and share information with the community about voting, legislators, legislation, and advocacy.
  • Expand personal leadership skills and coach members to be leaders.
  • Make new friends and have fun.
  • Gain real experience with the election process and to help people learn how to vote.
  • Promote bipartisanship and healthy conversations.
  • Support our democracy through education and promotion of civic engagement.
LWVJC Leadership Team


Spokesperson: Karen Lunsford

Secretary: Mary Kooi

Co-Treasurers: Jan Van Dyke, Gigi Shook

Communications: Marlena Boswell, Mary Kooi

Environment: Dee Johnson

Membership: Karen Lunsford

VOTE411: Susan Jerger

Voter Services: Sharon Conner, Inés Fernández

Website Administrator: John Kooi

Next Steps

  • Build relationships among members and with the Johnson County community
  • Listen to ideas and questions from Johnson County residents
  • Civic Education - promote civic responsibility through learning about candidates and issues, and voting


League of Women Voters of Johnson County, Indiana